Thursday, December 11, 2008

WebSphere is playing it cool, man !

An homage to John "cool man" Stecher.

When everyone knows you're the fastest, you can play it cool.

WebSphere Application Server V7.0 GA'd in October. A couple weeks later IBM publishes an overall leadership SPECjAppServer2004 score of 20179 JOPS@Standard. Now, a month later, if you google "SPECjAppServer2004 20179" you won't find a single hit ... well, maybe now you will. Hm, a little more digging and I see that SPEC uses different score formats depending on how the data is queried. The score is also reported as 20178.61 JOPS@Standard which does give me a couple of hits.

Damn, I thought WAS was going for the ultimate cool, man.

Derek "never going to be a cool man" Inglis

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